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IIM is a pure Peer to Peer Instant Messaging Application written primarily in C#.  IIM is not firewall aware and as such cannot communicate over the internet in most corporate network environments.  This alleviates much of the worry of security weakness when it comes to IIM applications in the work place.  Currently IIM is entering into a very stable state and is fully functional as an instant messaging client, including multi-way conversations and multiple simultaneous conversations.

File transfer is in the works and will be integrated in a future release.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome, please forward them to the project Admin Email.

What's  New

  • Please go to the forums and voice your opinion on how often IIM should be released - December 25th
  • The file transfer memory problem has been figured out, now to plan the file transfer screens and process  - December 22nd
  • Preliminary testing on ways to transfer files has been completed successfully, next hurdle is how to transfer a 2 gig file without needing 2 gigs of ram. - December 18th
  • New Release is up, go to the IIM project page to check it out. - December 12
  • Used Ndoc to created some Documentation for IIM, it's here
  • My windows NT tested has passed on, he will be missed.  If you have Windows NT and some time to help out, please let me know - December 9th
  • Added a C# 'Recipes' section to the webpage, should help any aspiring C# developers looking for how to use some API calls - December 5th


Key Milestones

  • File transfer support - Q1 - 2005
  • User Documentation - Q1 - 2005

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