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Well There are lots of pages with code similar to this, but I always thought that it looked really hokey, surely there had to be a better way to play a sound in .Net! I mean even VB5 had native methods for opening and playing wave files.  Well I ran a C# decompiler against a piece of commercial software written in C# and low and behold was the same code, almost verbatim, as on all of the websites. I guess there isn't a better way after all.  So here it is, again copied verbatim from the IIM sourcecode:

using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.IO;
namespace InternalInstantMessenger
      /// <summary>
      /// I got this code from running a C# decompiler on a retail product
      /// Probably not best to admit that, but I figure it's pretty generic and
      /// I know that it works. well that, and it's the same as over a dozen web sites.
      /// </summary>
      public class SoundPlayer
            private static extern bool PlaySound(string Sound, int hMod, UInt32 dwFlags);
            public SoundPlayer()
            public static void Play(string filename)
                  // Play asynchronously
                  // Asynchronously = 0x0001,
                  // Don't wait if the driver is busy
                  // NoWait = 0x00002000,
                  // Name is file name
                  // Filename = 0x00020000,

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